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5 Ways to Reduce Pain and Inflammation With Gold Spectrum CBD

According to recent polls, pain and inflammation are the number one reason that Americans use CBD. Surveys show that 69% of consumers use CBD for pain relief, and with a 68% success rate, the vast majority of consumers experiencing pain report that CBD has drastically reduced their pain levels. Another poll by Project CBD asked respondents to rate their pain levels on a scale of 1-10 before and after using CBD: by the end of the survey, pain levels had plummeted from a score of 7 to just 2.75.   Decades of research suggest that CBD provides potent pain relief, and decreases pain related to a variety of conditions, from chronic pain and inflammation, to neuropathy, painful digestive conditions, arthritis--and...

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Firefighter Uses Our Lotion For Arthritis

Are you struggling with aches and pains that just wont go away? My name is Joe and let me tell you, I have had the worst arthritis the past 10 years and I have tried multiple different creams/ medications to help with arthritis. Nothing helped. I was recently introduced to CBD by my family. They claimed it worked wonders but I did not believe anything they were saying. I figured it would get you high and forget about the pain if anything but I did not want to be high. They assured me that it would not make me feel weird or get me high so I agreed to try it on my elbows and wrists after working in the...

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