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Caviar 2gram kief wax J
Caviar 2gram kief wax J

Caviar 2gram kief wax J

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Like our Moon Rocks, Caviar Joints are potent cannabis flowers that are dipped in oil and coated in kief. The idea of a Pre-Rolled Caviar Joints is about getting a lot of cannabinoids into one convenient place, without getting your hands dirty.
Caviar joints are well-made flowers that are coated with sticky resin or other concentrates and then dusted with potent hash kief. They can cost between $20 and $25. Caviar Joints provide a deeper, more potent experience for well-deserving consumers in a single serving.

They taste great, burn even, and will get you and several of your friends lit like a firework!

If you’re invited to a friend’s house, forgo that lame bottle of wine gift and present a caviar joint to wide smiles.


Indoor Lifter Flower, Delta 8 Distillate, CBG Kief 

Terpene Profile:


Grab a lighter and fire it up! These are ready to go for your convenience.