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THC Free

At Gold Spectrum we’ve taken our flagship hemp and created a THC-free version for some of our products so that everyone can experience the benefits of pure CBD isolate. Through our extensive distillation process, we’re able to successfully extract the trace amounts of THC naturally found in full spectrum hemp extract and create a product with non-detectable levels of THC. Full spectrum CBD products may not be legal in your state. If that’s the case, your cart will automatically populate with a product that is in compliance with your local area.

Our Reviews

  • Gummies

    The gummies taste very good and they help. I just wish on the oil that you could see on one side when you are getting low. Great product will recommend to my friends

    Martha F.

  • Gummies 2

    The gummies taste very good and they arent too sour


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Quality And Transparency at a fair price

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